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ProPowerPlus is a business and information technology consulting firm committed to adding high value to our clients' projects.

ProPowerPlus offers highly skilled consultants who have been effective in achieving goals and delivering successful results.

ProPowerPlus defines a project successful when it is delivered on scope, on time and on budget.

Much focus has been given to the ROI – Return on Investment. At ProPowerPlus, we are committed to the actual investment as well as the ROI. What that means to our clients is that there are no surprises. We believe that for a company to truly realize ROI, the effort must deliver quality results while managing the scope, timeline and budget of the project.

ProPowerPlus works seamlessly with your organization, making sure your vision and goals are always in the forefront yet recognizing that day-to-day activities must continue.

Located in Northern New Jersey, ProPowerPlus supports projects in the metropolitan New York area as well as throughout the country and around the world. Many of our consultants are skilled and experienced in international and global business. We know firsthand that companies are now global. We understand that solid, successful business goes beyond the inner operations; it extends to working with vendors and customers, and perhaps impacts multiple locations across the U.S. or transcends the globe.

ProPowerPlus consultants are passionate about their work and are committed to making a contribution and a difference for your organization.

A difference that counts
A contribution that improves your operations
A commitment to your success